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Enjoyed your experience? Then book your next cruise onboard. Most major cruise lines offer significant savings and additional perks for those who book their next cruise onboard. In many cases, you don't even need to choose a particular sailing on-the-spot; a minimal deposit will do the trick to secure your place on a future cruise. So, if you're having fun and foresee yourself sailing again with the cruise line, it's to your advantage to speak to your Cruise Holidays repesentative as soon as possible on your return..


Here's the additional bonus. Once you've made your booking, you can transfer it to your Cruise Holidays travel agent. We can then offer you the personal service of monitoring the booking, making any changes you might request, applying any additional offers and/or savings to optimize your benefits, and notifying you when final payment is due.


Porters will retrieve your luggage and transport it off the ship for you to obtain shipside.


Closing Your Onboard Account
Any charges (bar drinks, spa services, babysitting.etc) you made to your shipboard account and any tips your cruise line levies will be charged to the credit card you presented at the time of boarding. There are other options to pay these charges, but many cruise lines have gone to a cashless system where charging the credit card is easier for both the cruise line and passenger.


Disembarkation is a process of getting hundreds or thousands of people off the ship in a safe and expedient manner. You will be assigned a disembarkation time based on your need to get off the ship (i.e. impending flight home) or on your status in your cruise line's loyalty program. Those with physical needs will have priority.  Also, you may have to clear customs if the ship travelled outside your country's waters. Remember, the cruise line staff is trying to process numerous passengers off the ship, so patience is key.