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Mazatlán is comfortable, casual, value-packed Mexico at its best. More than any other beach resort in the country, it probably best represents the golden beaches, fresh seafood, and inexpensive accommodations that typified Mexico's appeal to travelers in the first place. Most of Mazatlán remains refreshingly simple.


Mazatlán's lures continue to be its expansive beaches and renowned sportfishing. The evolving golf scene, luxury-yacht harbor, and growing selection of accommodations have yet to catch the attention of enough tourists to drive prices to the levels of other Mexican resorts, and that's good news for travelers looking for economy in a beach resort.


A city with a population of nearly 500,000, Mazatlán is the largest port between Los Angeles and the Panama Canal. Elegant reminders of its history, 17 miles of sandy beaches, and a geographically diverse environment are all added attractions in Mazatlán's efforts to become a premier beach resort.