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It's almost as if the air gets lighter once you roll into Ensenada. A far cry from the fiesta-drenched Tijuana and Rosarito, Ensenada just feels different: more relaxed, more genuine. This classic town, situated on a rocky bay flanked by sheltering mountains and a busy port, has an unmistakable sincerity. Sure, many of the locals speak perfect English and frequently visit the U.S., but Ensenada has more Mexican charm than any of its neighbors to the north and, in fact, evokes the dual culture of a border town without the chaos. About 40 minutes from Rosarito, it's the kind of place that loves a celebration. Almost anytime you choose to visit, the city is festive -- be it for a bicycle race or a seafood festival.


One of Mexico's principal ports of call, Ensenada welcomes half a million visitors a year who are attracted to its beaches, excellent sportfishing, nearby wineries, and surrounding natural attractions.