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The capital of Bermuda was once known as the "show window of the British Empire." Both Mark Twain and Eugene O'Neill, who lived in lodgings that opened onto Hamilton Harbour, cited its beauty. Named for former governor Henry Hamilton, the City of Hamilton was incorporated in 1793. Long before it became known as "the showcase of the Atlantic," the City of Hamilton was a modest outlet for the export of Bermuda cedar and fresh vegetables.


The City of Hamilton boasts the largest number of dining spots and bars on Bermuda, especially on and near Front Street. A stroll along Front Street will take you by some of the City of Hamilton's most elegant stores, but you'll also want to branch off into the little alleyways to check out the shops and boutiques. If you get tired of walking or shopping (or both), you can go down to the docks and take one of the boats or catamarans waiting to show you the treasures of Little Sound and Great Sound. The City of Hamilton should be seen not only from land but also from the water.