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You like beaches? Aruba's got beaches, some of the best in the Caribbean . . . in the world, for that matter. The photos only look as if they've been doctored. What you see is what you get: miles of white, sugary sand; warm, gentle surf; turquoise and aqua seas; and plenty of space.


When you tire of lolling on the beach, there's scuba diving, snorkeling, great windsurfing, and all the other watersports you expect from a sun-and-sea vacation. On land, you can golf, ride a horse, hike, or drive an all-terrain vehicle over the island's wild and woolly outback. Away from the beach, Aruba is a desert island full of cacti, iguanas, and strange boulder formations. Contrasting sharply with the resort area's serene beaches, the north coast features craggy limestone cliffs, sand dunes, and crashing breakers.


If you're a foodie, you may be surprised at how well you can eat in Aruba. Unlike the generally standard fare in most of the Caribbean, Aruba's culinary offerings are diverse, inventive, and often very good. After the sun sets, there's plenty to do besides eat. You can try your luck at one of the island's dozen casinos, take in a live Vegas-style show, or listen to some amazing live music, including Latin jazz and Caribbean sounds such as the island's own Tumba music. Bars, clubs, you name it -- if you're looking for a party, you'll find it.


Aruba's capital and largest city, Oranjestad, is on the island's southern coast. If you want an urban environment with a variety of restaurants, nightclubs, and casinos, this is the place for you. Its waterfront bustles with cruise ships, yachts, fishing boats, and cargo carriers. Fueled by the boutiques, restaurants, bars, and casinos radiating from the docks, vehicular and pedestrian traffic in town is heavy much of the day and night. Arubans cruise the main boulevard to see and be seen, giving the strip an American Graffiti flavor. Much of the architecture combines Dutch gables and baroque ornamentation with such Caribbean colors as pistachio, ochre, pink, and aqua. Staying in town doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing beach time: The best beaches are only minutes away.